Sweet girl, easy keeper. Always has clean ears and easy to trim nails, brush, etc. Can eat any type of treats with no tummy upsets (for as long as I can remember). Still jumps up when happy to see her person but we’re working on that. Otherwise she is a very calm dog and great sick-day companion! Very aware of being gentle with 3 1/2 lb chihuahua and our cat so as not to step in them or hurt them.  She is great on stairs in position. She has  been kenneled for a couple hours regularly this month. Went to office, on skytrain, in cars, PADS AGM, PADS Vol Apprec, eye exam, lots of PADS classes, Day of Service at PADS and JDRF, School visit Woodland Park Elementary and some other busy events indoors and outdoors, shopping, and to school and work with sitters, Physio appts and RMT appts where a Guide Dog was in the room too during the massage!

Submitted By: Jeanine Ziolkoski