I guess I’ll start with the most pressing matter for the month, my teeth keep falling out of my head! My puppy raisers say it’s normal but what’s a puppy suppose to do without teeth? I’m going to a puppy sitter at the beginning of next month so maybe I’ll get a second opinion…

Anyway with that in mind here’s a quick recap of my adventures this month. The weather is finally nice enough that we had a puppy class outside. We worked on recall (which I aced), getting in and out of the car (including one with a fancy wheelchair ramp), and we had to do it all while ignoring the other puppies in class.

I also got to go and showoff to some special community groups this month. We did a presentation to the Youth Division of St. John Ambulance in Vernon (they’re superheroes in training just like me!), and I also got to be a part of the big Parking Lot Party fundraiser at Total Pet (they we’re so awesome and we got a big group photo of all my PADS Okanagan Peeps).

To top everything off this month we were lucky enough to have Heather from PADS Calgary and Val from the Advanced Kennel come and give us one-on-one instruction and a special extended puppy class. It was very cool to hear about all the exciting training things coming down the line.

Anyway, that’s all for now, I’m going to go and chill in the sun and dream about getting new teeth.

Submitted by: Sarah Markson