Lilo in her vest, lying down looking at camera with her front paws crossed.

Well, April was a quieter month for me, the weather was all over the place (it snowed again the other day) so we spent a lot of time indoors sharpening my skills. There are rumours going around that my assessment day is finally upon us, so we’ve been working extra hard on things like positioning and duration. Mum brought out an exercise step for me to practice on, apparently this is supposed to prevent me from flopping into a lazy down because if I do I fall off (very sneaky human).

We’ve also been playing a lot of “find it” this month, I’m getting really good, I can even pick out the toy I’m looking for in a group of other toys. Mum says our next step is to start playing in a higher distraction area, bring it on! We also did a lot of shopping this month, mum says that maneuvering next to a shopping cart is great practice for if I need to work next to a wheelchair in the future.

However, my favourite thing this month was Easter. The house smelled amazing (although I didn’t get to sample) and we had a bunch of my favourite people over for dinner. Everyone was so impressed because when they sat down for dinner I put myself in a “go in” without being asked and snoozed through the whole meal, it was awesome.

Well that’s about it for me. I get to start next month with one of our awesome PADS Okanagan Puppy-Sitters and hopefully next time we talk I will be done my assessment. Wish me luck! Dodger II

Submitted By: Sarah Markson