Snow! Snow Everywhere! That seems to sum up February pretty well, although I guess compared to PADS Calgary us Okanagan puppies don’t have much to complain about. However, as much as I like snow we discovered that I’m a bit of a wimp when it comes to ice so my raisers bought me Booties! They were a little challenging to get used to but I can handle the laughter if it means I have toasty toes.

I started this month with an awesome puppy sitter, we walked all over Vernon. He even took me to watch a parade (although I would have been happier not to walk the entire parade route, I was very tired). Although I think the highlight of my week was when I got to play with my buddy PADS Puppy-In-Training Gatsby before I went back home.

This month in puppy class we’ve been continuing to work on solidifying cues. I’m getting really good at my positioning like “heel” and “side”, but my biggest challenge is still holding my duration for “sit”, “down”, and “stand” (I can do it but my raisers have been trying to convince me I need to do it without cookies?!?)

One final exciting note from me: apparently there are going to be some new superheroes in training arriving at PADS Okanagan at the end of March and one of them is going to have the honor of taking over my raisers, so I will be heading off to a new raiser in the Okanagan. I know my raisers are torn about me leaving but I think I’ve trained them well, and we’ll still get to see each other at puppy classes (for a little while at least).

Well that’s all for this month, hopefully March will bring warmer weather and maybe even some flowers!

Stay Toasty,
Dodger II

Submitted By: Sarah Markson