DODGER II is the newest dog to join advanced training and we are excited to have him! Dodger spent a bit of time with advanced training staff onsite this month before traveling to Vancouver Island. Dodger will be working with an experienced advanced training volunteer under the guidance and supervision of Instructor Ashley and Training Manager Margaret. During the time he spend getting to know Ashley onsite at PADS, Ashley was able to identify both strengths and challenges to pass along to the dedicated volunteer who will be working with him. Dodger has excellent ‘heels’, ‘sides’ and recalls and is eager to work! With his advanced sitter, Dodger has started working on building duration on his basic obedience and practicing lots of cooperative care – he is not a fan of nail trims! Welcome to advanced training, Dodger!

  • Skills being learned: Practice of obedience and default behaviors, settling in a space when not cued, cooperative care for nail trimming and body handling.
  • Recent field trips: Currently Not Applicable Due to COVID-19
  • Possible behavior challenges: Uncomfortable with body handling/grooming, lunging on leash when excited.
  • Advanced training location: Burnaby
  • Potential career path: Assistance Dog

Thank you again for all your support of Advanced Dog Dodger!

Submitted by: Service & Hearing Dog Instructor Ashley Siddals