Well I officially turned 6 months old in May and do you know how we celebrated? My people stopped feeding me lunch! I think they need to have a look in the dictionary at the definition of celebrate.

Anyway, I’ve had a pretty busy month enjoying the Okanagan Sunshine. I got to go to my first movie (the Princess Bride) and I didn’t eat any of the delicious popcorn that was all over the floor. I also got to go to a seminar on sports psychology, it was all about “living in the moment” and “having fun” which I must say is very good advice. Since I’m no longer getting lunch we’ve been doing a lot of practice on different skills, I absolutely rock my “Heel” and I’m getting better at “Side” though sometimes I don’t quite end up facing the right way. One of my biggest accomplishments this month was I finally jumped into the back of the SUV all by my self (my raiser was super excited because I’m getting a bit heavy to lift). On a last note I got to practice some of my skills with my friend PADS Puppy-in-Training Elfin, it was awesome! As you can see from the pictures we’re nearly the same size now and she’s 3 months older (I’m the one in the green collar in case you can’t tell).
Well that’s all for now,
Enjoy the Sunshine!

Submitted By: Sarah Markson

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