Well everyone I am officially 1 year old! That’s right, it was my Birthday this month. Boy time sure does fly when you’re learning to be a superhero. I hope all my fellow Hippy’s had as much fun this month as I did.

After a bit of a break in October it was back to business for me and my raisers. I’m feeling much better but they tell me it may take a while for all my hair to grow back (why couldn’t they have shaved me in the Summer?) This month we spent a lot of time trying to sharpen some of my skills that may have gotten a little rusty during my time off, and perfecting body mechanics for positions like “Down” and “Stand”. We also worked on making sure that I can tell the difference between my right and my left with words like “Heel” and “Side”.

PADS Okanagan has also had a rather large influx of puppies over the last little while, including some from our very own PADS Zeagan. It’s pretty exciting to be a mentor to all the new little guys (even if they do try and chew on my ears) and to show them a sneak preview of all the cool stuff they are going to learn.

Well I’m off to enjoy my new Kong, I’m told that if I’m really good Santa-Paws will bring me some more toys next month (that sounds exciting but do I really have to wear more funny hats…).

Well hope you all have a wonderful December.
Talk to you in the New Year!

Dodger II

Submitted By: Puppy raiser Sarah Markson