Dodger has come to live in Langley with a new family. He attends weekly Weight Watchers meetings (where he is loved and appreciated…and where he usually holds a down or “go in” for thirty minutes), followed by breakfast out at a local Cora’s (where he is less still, but stays under the table among a million delicious smells).

He also is in grade 9, currently attending French 9 and English 9 classes, though his favourite class is his weekly puppy class at a local elementary school. Many of the students at the school have had negative experiences with dogs and Dodger is helping those kids feel more comfortable simply by being in the building.

Dodger visits two local off-leash parks at least three or four times a week. He loves to play chase and swim in the Fraser River. He leaves most things alone – including a dead fish he found on the beach. Impressive!

He does, however, continue to bring us shoes, items, and laundry, especially right after arriving home. Perhaps he’s trying to get us to play? We also need to work on staying still for teeth brushing and nail trimming.

Submitted By: Elizabeth Cousar