Well March was a pretty exciting month for me. I moved to the Sunny Okanagan (although it was buried under snow when I arrived) and met my new puppy raisers! I’m their first PADS Puppy so we’re doing a lot of learning together which is awesome, all I can say is that I plan on leaving big paws to fill when I finally move on (but that’s a while off).

I’ve had so many new experiences this month that it’s hard to choose a favourite but if I had to pick it would probably be going to watch the Vernon Vipers playoff games. Everyone we met was mesmerized by my rugged good looks and how well I behaved, I didn’t even move when the Vipers scored and the crowd got really loud (I even fell asleep a few times but don’t tell anyone).

I’ve also been learning lots of new skills (I like learning because I get kibbles), but the best one is the “recall” game. This basically involves me waiting for the magic “here” word then running as fast as I can to the person who called me, it’s so much fun because when I get there I get a special treat and we have a party!

I can’t wait to find out what I’m going to learn next month.

Peace Out,

Dodger II

Submitted by: Sarah Markson