It’s January and life changed a bit. My puppy raiser got a job at a film studio. Boy is it ever cool here. There are tons of lights, people and lots of goings-on. I get to sit way up high and watch and when all those busy people go home then I get to go and check out the sets with my puppy raiser.

Dorado Jan 2015 sar1 sml    Dorado Jan 2015 sar2 sml    Dorado Jan 2015 sar3 sml

These pictures are me on the set of “Some Assembly Required”; notice me checking out the roller coaster. Only problem is after a full day at the office, with not a lot of nap time, I’m bagged when I get home. So that’s me having a power nap after a full days work. Should be a fun couple of months!

Submitted by our sensational PADS Puppy-in-Training, Dorado, and his amazing PADS Volunteer Puppy Raiser, Brian Smith.