Lilo in her vest, lying down looking at camera with her front paws crossed.

Dory & I went to another de-stress event at the beginning of the month where she brought her usual cuddles & smiles to the students. Dory accompanied us to a hockey banquet with over 200 people, she did great sitting under the table throughout the night and listened to some rocking music by The Benders! We practiced taking the bus for the person we will be doing the puppy swap with as she uses public transit.

We went away so Dory stayed with awesome sitters Sharon & Darren whom she had many adventures with including being on a stand up paddle board, watched paragliders, went on the Sea to Sky Gondola, she went looking for Nemo at the Aquarium and even made friends with their cat. Dory went into heat while we were away (of course) so now life is going to be a little more laid back for the next while. She is the newest Victoria Secret Model which she is not impressed with at all!

Submitted By: Alison Stuart