Dory continues to be a fun, energetic girl however it’s been a challenging month with her being an adolescent. We stopped using the gentle leader and have been really focusing on good loose leash walking without it and she’s doing well.

Dory continues to bring love & smiles to everyone she meets, we had family staying with us and she greeted them every morning with snuggles.  

We also had a potluck dinner at our cabin for our friends who had a house fire, it was loud with lots of people, Dory was a star and impressed everyone with how calm she was despite all the commotion.

March went from lots of snow to summer like weather, Dory loves both the snow and running around the beach. She had outings to Fort Langley with her friend Queenie, Buntzen with her friend Orville and Cranberry came for a play date, she’s one lucky girl.

Dory is still a petite girl, she weighed 45 lbs on March 11th, I’m pretty sure she’s close to 50 lbs now as she seems to have had a growing spurt. That’s been our March.

Submitted By: Alison Stuart