With COVID restrictions still in place in May, there was not much happening, so Dory went to a sitter for a few days.  I think a change of scenery and people was a good thing for her, and as it turned out, she visited a couple places she had never been. 

Dory gave me some beautiful purple flowers for Mother’s Day – purple to match her collar – she’s such a girl!  We continue to work on her cues and a couple new things from class.  We are doing lots of walking.  I know she misses play dates, hopefully we can do some of those soon.

Dory & Nemo turned two on the 31st. so we had a little get together.  Their mom, PADS Devon, was there, as well as a few other special people and dogs.  They had cupcakes to celebrate!

Dory is very affectionate and brings lots of love to ourselves and the sitters.  She may not weigh a lot but she’s a little powerhouse with a spunky personality to match.

Submitted By: Alison Stuart