Dot continues to settle nicely into the kennel routine.  She is currently rooming with Lennon and goes out to play with Pan and Tansy.
Her training is going very well!  She is continuing to grow in her service dog training, her impulse control is getting stronger and her loose leash walking and focus are improving as well.
In the past month or so we have added some new skills to her list.  She is working on, “tug”- used to pull on ropes to open or close doors, “push” – for closing or opening doors with her paw(s), “open the door” – using her paws to turn a paddle handle and open a door.
Dot is also hard at work on her retrieve.  She still occasionally has some face sensitivity to me handling her muzzle to steady her retrieve, but we’ve been working on this and she is getting more calm and centered about it and seems to understand that it’s just part of the task.
Her loose leash walking around a power chair is getting better and better.  We are now working on things like “go through” and “back” and “behind” which are different positions or movements around a chair.  She is a bit nervous again with the new type of movement around the chair, but I think with practice she will become more confident and comfortable.
I’ve included some pictures of her from the past month of field trips and training.
Thanks again for all your love and hard work with Dot!

Submitted by: Ashely Siddals