The Pride parade was a wonderful event for Drift. He thoroughly enjoyed meeting with the people along the route and he really enjoys the public.

Drift has a wonderful fascination with emergency vehicle sirens. When we are out on the street he likes to stop and watch them go by. When indoors, he perks up to listen or goes to the window to watch for any sirens. He also pays attention to the TV when sirens are on, and also when there are animals on the program. He also likes good music (listens and watches avidly) and watches hockey.

Now that he has grown taller, he can see out from the living room balcony and likes to sit and watch activities in the public square below.

Now that he is into his “teen years” he has taken to going up to his kennel to spend time on his own.

Drift went to the outdoor movies in Leg in Boot Square – John Wayne is not his favourite actor!

Drift also passed the ultimate kibble test this past month, when I left him in the kitchen, alone, with the open bin of kibble. To my astonishment, he sat and waited for my return. Not a cookie was missing.

Submitted by: Avril and Doug Ramsey