December was an adventure month for Drift. The big event was a trip to Winnipeg over the Christmas break. He was awesome on both flights, doing his best to cram as much of his 76 lbs under the seat in front of him as possible and otherwise making everyone forget that he was even on the flight.

Winnipeg was an adventure, with snow and cold (well colder than Vancouver anyway) and lots of family (including cousin Daisy) to meet and charm. The snow wasn’t new to him, but certainly was a renewed joy and he was happy to play in it every chance he could get.

He really enjoyed seeing the white-tailed deer that frequented the shelter belt beside the condo complex (and even asked to go outside a couple of times just to see if they were still there (as it turned out). That path became his favourite walk.

Drift was is usual perceptive self regarding who in the household needed cheering up – that was dad, with this being the first Christmas without mom – and Drift took him on as his personal buddy for the duration of our stay.

Submitted By: Doug Ramsey