Drift had a very busy month! He spent time with 3 different sitters in January. They, of course, took him to all manner of interesting places – including his first Seabus rides! He also got to run & play at Mundy Park with a bunch of PADS dogs. He had so much fun his front paw was raw (nothing serious). Drift also showed off his developing recall skills for a new sitter. He also spent a weekend with Celeste and her pup Jo and roaming the North shore with Darren.

Drift is developing his social skills at the dog park – he is learning to (nicely) communicate with dogs that are irritating him as well as avoiding dogs that are nothing but trouble but he is always hopeful to find those dogs who love the running game as much as he does.

Drift continues to express his interest with little kids. He has wonderful tolerance for them being close enough to touch his whiskers. It must be an awesome experience for the kids! Being so close to such a big mouth full of puppy teeth sitting next to them so quietly while they say hi!

Submitted By: Doug Ramsey