Lilo in her vest, lying down looking at camera with her front paws crossed.

Drift seems to really enjoy working on cues with a handler that is sitting on the ground. We had a great time in class doing that and he had this wonderful pleased/satisfied expression – the easy eye contact seemed to make a difference.
Drift and I have developed this game we play each evening. He brings his rope tug over to me as a way of asking to play. He puts it on my lap and then I say “Meet me in the tug arena”, and he picks up his tug and meets me in the area of the living room we call the “tug arena” to play a game of tug.

He also knows all his stuffed toys by name, and can go off and find them when they are hidden in the house. He absolutely loooves this game.
Drift really enjoyed having his brother Breaker over for an afternoon – they had a great time wrestling and tumbling about (taking turns on top of course) and then we were serenaded with the synchronous panting of two very tired boys sprawled on the living room floor.

Submitted By: Doug Ramsey