According to Drift – May was a remarkable month for me. I returned from 2 weeks with Surf’s family on May 2 and have had some really wonderful experiences this month. Mom and Dad took me for a hike in Lynn Canyon. That was amazing, I was so busy sniffing about and looking for bears that I pretty much ignored all the other dogs that went past. I also waded into the stream to look for salmon. I suppose you could call me “Walks with Bears/Swims with Salmon” after that outing.

I met “Lord Stanley”, a huge mastif, at our local dog park. I went up to him rather cautiously, because he was so huge (I usually just walk right up and say hello, but he was different). He was such a gentle and friendly chap, I enjoyed spending time with him.

I also went swimming at Trout Lake. At first, Dad waded in with me to help remind me of my swimming heritage, but after that I was quite happy to venture out swimming on my own. I made friends with another little dog, and we swam all over the place. He even showed me how to jump off the dock into the water! I was so tired afterwards that I slept for a full day! I also have been in lots of meetings with Dad this month. People seem to really like talking about me, and everybody leaves happy to have met me. I think June is going to be a good month too!

Submitted By: Doug Ramsey