Drift continues to work his magic with everyone he meets – with them instantly falling in love with his deep brown eyes. Sitters (playfully) threaten to not bring him home. And he wraps everybody on the Skytrain or office elevator around his little toe every day. He treats every visit with sitters as a wonderful adventure, with little more than a “see ya later” look as they head off. But he is just as happy when he does come home from being with a sitter.

He has developed this very clever way to ask for something (usually to go out, as an example). If I am sitting on the sofa, he will sit in front of me, put his paw on my leg, and when I reach out to touch his paw he ever so gently takes my hand in his mouth (often just a single finger), as if to lead me off the sofa. When I ask him to “show me what you want, show me” and start to get up, he heads for the door, making sure I follow.

Submitted By:  Doug Ramsey