Ducati is a happy, loving youngster who adores his people. He loves nothing more than morning and evening cuddles – throw in a hug or two along with a smattering of belly rubs and he’s in seventh heaven. He enjoys watching the ducks and herons on leashed walks through our neighbourhood nature reserve and then dipping his belly in the creek to recover from the heat!

In July we slowly transitioned back to the office for a few days a week, giving Ducati the opportunity to work in cape in an office setting again. We also began transitioning Ducati from his harness, to walks with his leash clipped to his collar. It’s still a work in progress and the walks are a little slower but he’s taking it in stride (pun intended). Ducati had his neuter procedure this month and we’re happy to say that he had a speedy recovery. He was back to his cheery self within a few days of the procedure!

Ducati hopes you’re having a safe and healthy summer!

Submitted by: Cindy Cassidy