Hi furriends!  Guess what?  I got to meet a new hooman for a short visit!  She had LOTS of toys, and a yard that I may have shown some excitement with a brand new hole.  For a second, I thought she liked me a little less after that, but I got soo many belly rubs and redirection games, that I must’ve just imagined it.  And well, I’m just so cute!

She told me that we needed to work on “downs”, counter-surfing, and jumping.  I’m not sure what any of that means…I think I’m curious and creative 😉

While we did make a teeny bit of progress in each, we were also still getting to know each other.  I learned that no matter how hard you stare at someone, even if you try climbing up their body, they will not still not give you their food.  She learned that I really do like to nap!  All in all we had a fun time!  My sitter got to get her puppy cuddles in and I got to practise my skills with a new hooman!

Submitted By: Neelam Prasad (puppy-sitter)