Happiness is…having Dune in our lives–since April 19th! Daily walks leashed and off-leash in woods. Restaurants X 3. Piano concert at The Chan, Sunday afternoon. VSO concert April 30th at Orpheum (via Canada Line): Dune snored (gently) during Scherzo, Schubert’s 9th. Opera and visit to sponsor this week. Evidence of honeymoon being over when found in my TV chair and later on sofa where Michael sits! Many thanks to 1st year raisers, Suzanne & Tara, for their conscientious and loving training with big boy Dunebuddy/Dunebuggy! Michael & I will follow through to maintain all and move Dune forward. Continue to use gentle leader, but hope that it won’t be needed in future months. Would like more dog socializing–need to meet, greet, play with other dogs. Submitted by: Sandra and Michael Davies