Lilo in her vest, lying down looking at camera with her front paws crossed.

April was a very good month: progress with sit/stand duration with less eye contact when I wandered the house (3-6 minutes); progress on recall when playing with other dogs on woods walks; passing dogs when on leash without lunging to play (met/passed 3 dogs on 28th, 2 dogs on 29th, 1 dog on 30th!). Family visitors: ferry to Sechelt and lunch at Smitty’s (photo); walks in woods (photo). Faust opera at QE last Saturday, Cinderella at the Playhouse tonight, VSO at the Orpheum next Saturday. Grandson’s Rugby game at St. George’s last week. Continue to work on sit/stand duration; sit/down/stand between two chairs, then beside foot stool; passing dogs without lunging.

Submitted By: Sandra & Michael Davies