Lilo in her vest, lying down looking at camera with her front paws crossed.

On the bus from Granville/Hastings to Renfrew/PNE, August 28, 4:30pm, standing room only! A person gave up a seat for me to sit and Dune to “Go in”. HE DID: the seat is about 18″ and the space beneath it is also small/tight. Mr. Dune, all 52″ (tip of tail to nose) X 25″ (foot to shoulder) curled himself up and tucked himself into this very small space and remained quietly asleep for the 20 minute bus ride. Incredible!

Much less time wearing gentle leader–only when out in very high distraction areas. Loose leash walking without loose leader is making very good progress. Recall after free play with dogs in woods is also improving.

Working now on meet/greet family/friends without excited jumping up.

Submitted By: Sandra Davies