We worked a lot on side/heel, sit/stand/down between chairs (well done) and then same with me sitting on a stool (side/heel positions not as secure beside me). We worked on sit/stand/down while I wandered inside the house: 8min/7min/11min respectively (I released him so could have gone longer). Knowing that Dune was scheduled to move to Rob for Advanced Training, Dune’s faithful friends spent time with him: a long walk with one friend (photo); a two-night sleepover with another. Dune’s challenge to not lunge when meeting dogs on leash progressed to a red-letter day when we passed FIVE dogs–some on leash, some off leash, and Dune did NOT lunge at them! He still needs more work on this. Neighbourhood field trips enjoyed: Dunbar Library, Shoppers’s post office (patiently sat in line waiting our turn), K & K Pet Food. Later we visited three other pet food stores (Bosley X 2; Tisol). Dune needs more practice walking around these stores with the wonderful smells! We also attended VSO concerts at The Chan and The Orpheum, UBC Baccalaureate Concert. We joined Walks for Alzheimers where there were several other dogs walking on leash. We watched our Grandson’s rugby game while sitting on a hill with other dogs around – Dune had good focus. We went to restaurants as usual where Dune’s friends wished him well in his future training! We had a family walk in woods to say goodbye. Yes, Mr. Dune, listen to Rob; attend and do your best. We wish you success in Advanced Training!!!

Submitted By: Sandra and Michael Davies