Lilo in her vest, lying down looking at camera with her front paws crossed.

Pupdate: We had a Christmas visit with Santa at Oakridge on a night for dogs only! (photo). we also attended two piano concerts at The Chan, and viola/piano and violin/piano and chamber music ensemble at noon-hour UBC Music School concerts. Dune had a tremendous “Go in” at restaurants as well as at concerts; he appears to go into a meditative state.

We also enjoyed an outing to YVR where we joined Wilbur and Nessa for a meet & greet. After YVR we had a refreshing swim in the Fraser River(photo). We are looking forward to UBC Symphony and Choirs at The Chan, and Vancouver Chamber Choir, Handel’s Messiah. ‘Tis the season for festivity, family dining, traditional music and decorative lights–all more fun WITH MR. DUNE! Dune’s five minute sits are quite secure and he Recently managed a four minute stand with only a couple of ‘almost sits’. We are working further on these.

Submitted By: Sandra & Michael Davies