Dusty has spent a busy month practising her recall in busy off leash parks, her duration “Sit” and “Down” at the mall, and also positioning herself correctly for “Heel” and “Side.” She has also been away for a week at one of her favourite sitters, going to Sunday church services and meeting with other visiting PADS dogs in the neighbourhood. She was very good when meeting an 8 month old baby at home who was very curious about Dusty and wanted to play with her. Dusty joined us for a coffee date with parents who had young kids enjoying the busy Christmas festivities at our crowded, local mall. She was unfazed by kids peering at her from under chairs and tables and maintained her focus on us very well, with the occasional treat. Dusty came to a busy Costco to buy treats on New Year’s Eve and also enjoyed a Happy New Year’s romp this morning at the local off-leash park with her neighbourhood friends!

Submitted By: Tharini Adithan