DUSTY II is one of the newest advanced training recruits and is settling into kennel life well. She is very attentive and loves the attention of all the kennel volunteers and staff. For her first month in ‘university’, Dusty has been working on her loose leash walking and on sharpening her basic obedience, focusing on high distraction areas. When she is not training hard, Dusty loves to play in the yard with her kennel buddy, Mercy.

  • Skills being learned: Sharpening basic obedience in high distraction areas, intro to footfall work and body awareness, games to build working drive.
  • Recent field trips: Ambleside Park, Ikea, various local secondary schools, various local malls, Downtown Vancouver, Superstore, PetSmart, New Westminster Quay, PNE, 8 Rinks.
  • Possible behavior challenges: Inhibition with novel tasks and objects, impulse control when greeting new people.
  • Potential career path: Service, AFD or PTSD

Thank you again for all your support of Advanced Dog Dusty!

Submitted by: Advanced Trainer Lisa Davis