DUSTY II has been working hard on shaping up her obedience skills and practicing transferring to novel handlers and working in different environments. She has great eye contact and is a lot of fun to train. Dusty is a quick study and she loves to learn! When she is not training hard with Lisa, Dusty enjoys a good romp in the yard with play buddies Truffle, Zaria and Jericho.

  • Skills being learned: Foundational service skills, loose leash walking, maintaining obedience cues when being approached for pets.
  • Recent field trips: Ikea, Maplewood Farms, Lougheed Mall, off-leash dog park, Downtown New Westminster, local secondary schools, Choices Market, PetSmart.
  • Possible behavior challenges: Inhibition with novel tasks and objects, sensitivity to novel sounds, some alert barking, impulse control on leash.
  • Potential career path: AFD, Service or PTSD

Thank you again for all your support of Advanced Dog Dusty!

Submitted by: Advanced Trainer Lisa Davis