Lilo in her vest, lying down looking at camera with her front paws crossed.

Dusty has been an excellent bird watching companion this month on our walks in the parks nearby. She sat quietly by my side, while I watched an owl as it hooted continuously from a tree close by. She was happy to watch flocks of ducks swimming towards us and geese flying low overhead.

Dusty has been regularly meeting all her friends from the neighbourhood and making new ones.
She went to a tech conference in downtown Vancouver one day and was surprised to find that the other black dog she could see at the entrance, who looked just like her was not a puppy after all, but only a life-size stuffed toy!
Dusty has been doing well tucking herself under the seat for “Go in” on Canada Line. She has also been practising her “Duration Sit” and “Duration Down” at the mall. It came in handy, the time she became the centre of attention at Superstore one busy day, when we ran into a family that had recently attended a PADS info session, asking a lot of questions about her as a small group of interested shoppers gathered about us!

Submitted By: Tharini Adithan