One of Ebony’s favourite things to do continues to be exploring the forest in Pacific Spirit Park. It’s even better when she gets to meet and play with some of the friendly dogs that are often there too. We also took part in a scavenger hunt activity at Rick Hansen Secondary School along with a couple of student helpers and we’ve gone on field trips to Ikea and Playland. She also had her first trips on the bus and the Canada Line. In terms of training, she’s working hard on learning to ignore food on the floor. Inspired by Dana’s video of Stark retrieving a set of keys from a sea of kibble on the floor, we’re trying a slightly simpler version. We’re doing “find it” (just touching, not picking up), instead of “retrieve” for an object that’s got a few kibbles nearby. She’s close to being ready to try it off leash. And, of course, we continue to work on loose leash walking, distractability and self-control. Submitted by:   George Prevost