Happy New Year. Edith here. This month has been a little different than others. At the beginning of the month, I caped up and went back to visiting Granny every week. In the mornings, there are usually people wandering around, and they were allowed to come over and greet me. I was really good and made lots of new friends. The weather has been good enough to explore some new trails and get some longer walks in. At home, we’ve been playing fun games, including closing cupboard doors and opening the baby gate on cue. Everyone loves watching me doing fun things. One human had a birthday, and she invited her teenage friends over, and we went bowling, and they had a funny cake. Usually, the teenagers just like to say hi and then ignore me, so I just watch them from a distance. Anyway, halfway through the month, my trainer called up and told me that I would be retiring from class. And I could stay home more and go to bed early on Mondays. My raiser is helping me find some favourite toys, and I have a bag packed, ready for my new family, which I’m told will be lovely and absolutely the best.

Submitted by: Jo Brand