Esme is continuing to enjoy a break from going out into the public because of COVID.

Even though she’s staying home, she is working hard on foundation skills such as “bed”, where she gets treated for going to her bed.

She has also strengthened her default “leave it” – a very important skill so that when we can go out in public again, she is not tempted by food on the ground.

She still gets to have play dates with friends, such as PADS Dot and PADS Darlene.


Another important skill that she is working on is getting handled, so this means lots of home spa grooming sessions for Esme – a perfect stay at home activity!  She loves getting massaged and brushed, she enjoys manicures and pedicures when she’s in the right mood, and she is learning to not lick up all the delicious doggy toothpaste from the toothbrush before the teeth brushing even starts.

Submitted By: Karen Mok & Angela Smith