Hello, friends! I’m Felix from the Encanto litter. Thanks for following along with my adventures! I was named after Felix Madrigal, who is known for his love of his family, food, flowers, magic, and helping others – JUST LIKE ME! This month, I met my puppy raiser family, and it was truly love at first sight!

They have taught me so many things already it’s hard even to keep track. Mostly, they are just introducing me to lots of new experiences in a gentle way, so I’m not scared of those things later. Once, they put together a pile of different objects in the living room, like boxes, tins, cookie sheets, and buckets, and there were kibbles all over them! Delicious, right? I got to explore it completely at my own pace and find all the treats. Sometimes an object would fall or move, and I would get a little startled. However, I always came back to check it out again (and get more food, of course), and each time it startled me a little less.

Submitted by: Sedore Family