Fendi has been working on mouth work. We are trying to teach her to hold something in her mouth until we ask for it and to retrieve something and bring it to my hand. She loves this game. She has always loved bringing things to me. It seems like her greatest joy is to gather things and present them to people. Its her main way of interacting and showing affection. She tries to gather as much as she can, usually socks, she doesn’t eat them but wants to give them. But she had a difficult time getting the thing I wanted her to get. She didn’t really understand at all that I wanted her to get a particular thing and hold it. She is starting to figure this out though and loves this training. She brought us a Zebra costume one day and we took this as a sign she wanted to put it on. She had a couple of visits to the hospital and always managed to cheer people up. She went to remembrance day and was very good through all the speeches and bugles and moment of silence.


Submitted By: Jennifer Harris