The best way to describe this month is WET. Finesse is a pretty waterproof dog, but even she has her limits! Despite the inclement weather, we have managed to get out for a few big hikes which is always Finesse’s favourite activity. Finesse’s trainer moved to a new home this month which has meant that Finesse has had to acclimate to a few new and unusual surroundings. She remains a very adaptable and optimistic dog. Finesse loves her training sessions and has grown in confidence around the struggles she’s had with default Leave It and polite greetings with people. She is still likely to impersonate a kangaroo when she gets over-excited but now has more tools to deal with her big feelings.  

  • Skills being learned: leash retrieve, obedience around high distractions
  • Recent field trips: mall, park, grocery store
  • Possible behavior challenges: over-aroused by food – drooling
  • Advanced training location: West Coast ( Satellite) 

Thank you again for all your support of Advanced Dog Finesse!

Submitted by: Emma – Trainer