Lilo in her vest, lying down looking at camera with her front paws crossed.

Fischer is a fun puppy. He has character and a personality that is challenging at times. He enjoys cuddles, but is not a demanding or needy puppy. He enjoys playing. From a training perspective, he executes ‘focus’ and ‘sit’ perfectly and ‘down’ fairly well. At meals times, he sits patiently, focuses and waits for ‘release’. ‘Kennel’ and ‘bed’ are also well understood. His ‘let’s go’ is OK for a 3-4 training sessions (at one time) of 8-10 yards, then his attention is lost to a piece of grass, a leaf, or whatever. He can execute ‘here’ fairly reliably – sits, focuses and comes to ‘here’ command and sits, fairly straight; the distance is shorter (4-5 yards) than that expected of older pups.

Fischer needs more work on keeping 4 feet on the ground (inside with furniture and outside with people). As well, he does not seem to understand ‘better go now’; he seems to have his own timing. Predator Ridge insists that all dogs are on leashes and there are no fenced yards, so Fischer has no ‘off leash’ experience with me other than on my decks. As well, since I am retired, he has had no work experience, and I suspect he is a little young yet for a day at a school.

Submitted By: Sherry Price