Flint had a really active month with lots of interesting experiences, and the highlight (if you asked him) would be the snow!

We got out to the snow a few times in December and used the opportunity for practicing “this way” recall (which he rocks) and also doing duration sits and downs.

He’s really eager to learn and loves to practice his cues even when it means breaking stride from a romp in the woods. We’re working on stand; he’s got the pop up part down pat and we’ll soon move to naming it. And we continue to work on the many cues that he’s already learned to ensure he really understands what they mean — like sit, down, bed, wait, better go, touch, car, etc.

Flint is a pleasure to train: while he loves his treats, he’s just as happy to receive words of praise for his good behaviour. Good boy Flint!

Submitted By: Lindi Porter