At times Floe seems like a very low energy dog, because she has a very good “off switch”. In the beginning of August we took her on a quite strenuous 4 day backpacking trip in the southern Rockies, where we hiked approximately 37 km, and went over at least 6 passes. Floe was in her element! She always stayed with us on the trail, despite being off leash the entire time, and never chased after any of the small animals encountered along the way. She had no shortage of energy; in fact, she and her older sister Peyto would usually chase each other around the tent when we made camp each night. And she was perfect in the tent at night – sleeping in her corner of the tent until we were ready to rise in the morning. Things we are working on at present: crate games, chin, and getting used to meeting dogs and people when out in public so there’s no more barking at them. Submitted By: Dorothy Root