This month has been another busy one with those two raisers of mine. They sometimes questioned me over my inability to “off-switch” but the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, so I heard. So they took me on adventures and as always cultural experiences have been a big part of the journey with my very first Festival. What a treat? The music was loud, the crowd was dancing, the food was smelling heavenly and yet, I sat there watching, indulging and listening without disturbing anyone’s fun.

I want to believe that my very good behavior that day was rewarded as my raisers organized a weekend with my mum. Yes, I got to see, feel, hear and smell her her again… lovely Samba! It was 2 days of joy, wonder and love even though mum was “schooling” me a little and made sure that all my house manners e.g eating slowly, playing nicely with my brother were in order.
I had learn to adjust & respect my new surrounding a week before as we went house sitting to take care of old Bernie, a 14 year old cat.
This was a great experience as I had just started seeing all my puppy classmates outside of our classroom and had met so many cool dogs in the off-leash park that it was good to realize that all animals are different and some not as playful.
I also joined my first “artsy” panel discussion although it seems that my views weren’t that important as all I really needed to do was turn off and relax.
Summer is coming and I am looking forward to a few walks in the forest and hopefully meeting with new furry friends…..I overheard something about a local rodeo!

Submitted By: Sabrina & Leanne Christie