Last month, I was optimistic about going back to work soon and although I did enjoy the first few weeks of social distancing, I am ready to dive back in.

My new routine is good and I get to spend lots of time with both my raisers, but I miss my friends, I miss the outings, and most importantly I miss working full time.

I now only wear my cape a few times a week and mostly in the house! I am the same dog with or without my magic cape but I do like dressing up like a superhero and now, my raisers dress me in silly clothes as a ‘training’ exercise? Maybe not seeing my friends is not such a bad thing!


The weather has been amazing – yes it’s that time a year again! We had BBQs on our patio, reading time in the sun, a picnic, and long walks on empty beaches where I practiced perch duration and the wearing, well – of anything really, like a “crab hat” and sunglasses!

My raisers say that I must keep up with my homework because puppy classes have started again. I am not too sure though and feel that they are being a little sneaky. They want me to believe that it’s what they are doing on the computer every Wednesday night but it makes no sense as I haven’t seen my trainer and classmates in weeks! There is plenty of homework though so I just keep practicing every day.

I am braver and more confident these days and I was even able to bounce straight over five layers of toilet roll!  I am also using my off-leash time to boldly cross wooden bridges with strange surfaces and big drops.  I walk on trunks that are off the ground, work on my cues, and always remind myself to check in with my raiser.  The cues are important and I try to stay focused so that I respond immediately – the rewards are awesome!

There is not much more to report.  All of our concerts [I still can’t believe that I didn’t get to meet Celine Dion!] have been canceled, our theatre shows have been postponed, and the Zumba classes are now happening inside the house.  I am hopeful that next month will somehow get back to normal, but if it doesn’t, my raisers have been making notes about new potential exercises that I really am not sure about.  Have you ever heard of a service dog also been a dancing partner?  Ridiculous, right?

Hopefully, we won’t get that far, and I will be sure to keep you in the loop.

Submitted By: Sabrina & Leanne Christie