Summer is really a relaxing time.

 The weather hasn’t been too bad and I am quite enjoying the break from being wet.

Mostly I am enjoying the outdoor activities such as the Ribfest, which was filled with amazing smells and loads of people.

I was very relaxed and even allowed my raisers to loiter on the grass eating their ice creams.



Cycling has been an eye opener for me as I’ve only ever experienced one person on a bike.  At the PoCo Grand Prix, they were travelling in packs and sounded like a swarm of bees.  I don’t understand the humans though.

I thought that the cyclists were exciting enough, but the spectators seemed to want more and were ringing bells and screaming – which was a little hard for me and all the other dogs that were there.

I had never realized that there was so many pets and they don’t always make it easy to work.

We did another few days at school marking the Grade 12 exams and this is always a treat, as I get to catch up on my “handsome” sleep – and everyone gazes lovingly at me.

There have been no live music events this month but judging by the costumes that the firemen were wearing, this could have easily turned into a musical.  It wasn’t though, and turned out to be serious, especially when I realized that I may need to one day accompany my person in an ambulance.  I was very earnest and feel that my raiser was proud of me.

I love that my raisers are always looking for opportunities for me to experience new thing and they even went so far this month as to organize an unofficial puppy swap with my favourite neighbours.

Submitted By: Leanne & Sabrina Christie