I have never seen so much water, Buntzen Lake, Port Moody Inlet, the Fraser River, the dikes in Maple Ridge, Ambleside Park, and even a private property swimming pool. Is it what summer is all about? I went along and made the best of it, but for the record, I don’t like to put my head in the water nor swim for that matter. Water is not my comfort zone but I appreciated “pawing” the water as well as cheering on my friends so that they come back to shore safe and sound.

With water also comes fishing, this was new to me. I am often told that being patient will reward me and it is a big part of my job but those fishermen sure have mastered that skill – it was eye-opening! The other positive about all those water edge/experiences was that I had the courage to walk on all surfaces, rocks, floating docks, sand, metal ramps, and more.

Talking about practice and training, this month has been full of it. One of my raisers was busy with work, so my schedule changed drastically. I went to stay with a few sitters but I also got to spend much more time with my other raiser – who suddenly discovered that her workplace is full of obstacles and opportunities to learn. Our lunch breaks were interesting with the exploration of a trucking yard and the discovery of many construction tools. You know me, I am a little cautious with the unknown but in no time I realized that I didn’t even need my hard hat to explore the area. I did always have my “safety vest” on as this is a mandatory gear to access such a fascinating area.

Did you hear about these puppy swaps? Well, mine happened this month and it was eventful. I actually didn’t really get to enjoy this lovely family who lives in the city as I started feeling poorly on Sunday, visited the doctor, and was back home on Wednesday the following week. The five days with my swap family confirmed that I really like kids and cats. I know they are not the same at all but I seem to like small people and pets so much so that I have been whispering in my raiser’s ears that a little furry friend would be a great addition to our home.
I don’t think they heard me properly though as they mentioned an upcoming outing at a local event call “puppy & pies”, is pie some sort of pets or are they just trying to avoid the subject matter? Talking about next month, I hear that it’s back to school for everyone and I am really looking forward to seeing my classmates again and showing them my scar.

Submitted By: Sabrina & Leanne Christie