Tucker and Storm moved into the neighborhood! They are teenie weenie right now and Tucker will only be 10 pounds when he gets “”older””. Storm should be around 85 pounds though so it will be nice because at the moment, I just sit and let them say hi to me – it’s safer this way. It’s like with the kids, they play and I sit while they say hi… sigh.

I saw a lot of my 93-year-old granny again this month. She is a kindred spirit, she also loves treats and thinks about food most of the day – hihi! Her voice is not big but I stay close and always keep my ears on her so that when she asks me to “sit”, I do it straight away, even though she never remembers to release me! I know that for her, like with the little puppies and kids, I feel very big so I always follow her “”command””. I stayed with her for a week and we practiced on her wooden stairs every day. There was also an off-leash vacuum and although I never minded a hoover, this one kept interrupting my naps!

COVID-19 virus is still around but with much care and careful maneuvers, we are back into using public transit pretty much every day which is amazing. My raiser is convinced that I know when to get off the bus so she play this game of changing get off destination every couple of days. She is funny and as you can imagine, I am doing great! The journey is always long but it’s like a movie out there, and if I get bored, my raiser’s foot is a great pillow for a quick snooze until I know it’s time to go.

I went skydiving! It was amazing! For hours, I hung out in the shade on the green grass and just watched all the goings-on in the field outside the city. My French raiser was very restless and couldn’t settle, and she even put on weird clothes and tried to startle me … Ok, she did startle me… but then she went off again and came back all bouncy and happy. I love skydiving, so relaxing and I would definitely do it again.

The days are getting shorter and I can see that the leaves are slowly turning orange. Does this mean that “”back to school”” is around the corner, followed by thanksgiving? I can’t wait to get back to class and see my friends, but if it doesn’t happen I have confidence that my raisers will continue to organize some outings with my people.

This month, I got to spend some time with little 5-month-old PADS Nana, retired PADS Halo, my classmate Velvet, and little Gertrude – what a blast! I shall let you go as my bus is coming in less than 12 minutes and I always need to give myself some time to take care of “”business”” before I jump on 😉 Talk to you later…

Submitted by: #TeamFranz