What’s not to like about Christmas? Well … I could give you a few examples – the longgggg shopping experiences at the mall or at IKEA for instance – but I’d rather share the wonderful experiences I’ve had during this time of the year, like the airport. What a special place! I went three time in less than two weeks and I would happily go back. Maybe next time, I’ll be the one travelling far away. Who knows, my special person might be living in Calgary or elsewhere and I am not opposed to going anywhere he/she needs me to, which is why I am still practicing daily my stairs climb. I heard that for smaller and local trips, you might need to use the plane ladder from the ground and at this very moment, I don’t think I am able to do it.

Christmas also rings with family times, which means that our little core of just three suddenly increased by three. My raisers parents’ house was full of people (new and old) and the dining table was so jammed that the only spot available was under the chair. Not that I am ever allowed anywhere else!

In addition to all the crowds, the loudness and the fast pace of Christmas came the abundance of lights, the different holiday plays and all sorts of events. I was really impressed by most of them and my favorites were definitely the Vancouver Christmas Market at Jack Poole Plaza and the Mixed Nuts show at the Vancouver Playhouse. Those kids sure know how to entertain an audience and I would have been applauding their performance if I was allowed to.

Talking about performances, did I share with you the amazing show I attended at the Vancouver Aquarium at the beginning of the month? It was quite something, and this made me realize that my barks were not that powerful, scary or even loud; the sea lions beat me hands down.

So what’s coming for 2020, you ask? Well, I have a few resolutions. I’ll be braver and I’ll keep up with all my homework. As you know, I have been a very good student and my commands/cues are pretty spectacular, so this will not differ in 2020. But my cautiousness needs some work, and I must get past what’s seems scary to let trust take over. My raisers have never put me in a dangerous situation so there is no reason for me not to follow their lead, even if it’s in a glass elevator or on top of the Eiffel Tower.

Submitted By: Sabrina and Leanne Christie