Remember my little furry friend Léo? He spent a fair amount of time with us again. It was great as I am happy to teach Léo house manners and enjoy sharing my belongings.

It was Christmas! And what comes before Christmas? Shopping for Christmas!

I don’t mind assisting in searching for the perfect gift, but I won’t lie, shopping malls aren’t my favourite. The floor is slippery, the elevators are often made of glass and the staircases are long & wavy. I need to concentrate and be brave. My raisers noticed that I was not all that comfortable, so we keep going back, and I ain’t a fool. I know that we are not going Christmas shopping anymore. One week, we went to the mall 6 days in a row, and only bought one present. It is getting easier and easier, and my confidence is back.

Did you get many presents under the tree? I did, but one of them is what I call “un cadeau empoisonné.” The kind that you don’t want to get but you are stuck with. I understand the snow boots’ value, but gosh, don’t I look ridiculous with them? Plus, it’s not that simple to walk with shoes while still taking care of your person and going at her pace.

As you know, we are no longer allowed to gather with friends and family. So I was certain that this month would be chilled and quiet as last spring. We stayed at home non-stop for the last 10 days, but I didn’t anticipate the entertainment that my raisers can get up to by themselves: axe throwing (yes, there is a place for that), in-house-2-person karaoke party until 1 am, the ugly sweater virtual party and virtual family gatherings. It was fun but thanked goodness my sitter took me to an old age home as I needed some adult company!

It’s good for me to be raised by two lively individuals because if I could, all I would do is sleep and cuddle all day.

2021 is almost here, and it should be my big year!? I am hoping to go to advance training and to find my path. Wish me luck xx.

Submitted by: Sabrina & Leanne Christie