My 15 month old friend, Lexi, hosted an Oscar Party this month! The humans were pretty boring but Lexi has an amazing toy box so while the little dogs watched, commenting and the humans just sat, we had a blast.

Talking about good times, I am getting more and more time off leash! Since I turned one, I am…well, so much more mature that I get new privileges. This month, I got a lot of off-leash time. I love it! It gives me more confidence and I am handling myself better around other dogs. I still secretly hope for a play, but I was told that my off-leash time isn’t romping playtime, it can be fun but should mostly be about discovery, building confidence with my body, and should also be seen as a training exercise… but what isn’t?!? I love it and have enough play dates at home especially when the little pups pop in like little 9-weeks old Kiara (from the Lion King Litter) who came over a couple of weeks ago. We had a good “run”  together!

I am also not the only one who likes to play, one of my monthly adventures this February was to attend a Crazy Caribbean Carnival. I imagined meeting dancers and clowns, touching some long furry feathers and perhaps having a sip of a drink, smelling grilled meats and listening to some music. But no, this wasn’t it. It was a school event full of children running, shouting, and playing all sorts of loud games. Not what I expected but so much fun!

It could be the fact that I got to meet the wonderful and talented 2010 Olympic figure skating bronze medalist, Joannie Rochette or that I got to listen to one of my favourite local bands with hundreds of other people or simply the atmosphere at Jack Pool, but spending an afternoon celebrating the Vancouver Olympics almost made me wish that I was born 11 years ago. This would make me retired by now, I much prefer the idea of being young with a bright future.

Being young also means that I am still discovering the world and this month I learned all about the construction industry by attending Buildex Vancouver and the BC Home Show.  I learned the importance of integrating innovative and sustainable solutions thanks to Globe 2020. Who would have thought that trade shows were so popular in February? Definitely not me, but I really enjoyed them and I practiced walking on many different surfaces. I even saw a glass floor and of course mingled with many different people. It’s funny though as it doesn’t seem to matter which crowd I interact with, they all react the same way when they see me. I have to admit that it makes me feel warm on the inside and I sometimes struggle to ignore some of them. I am a friendly guy after all 😉

I could go on and talk to you about the high-energy juggling show we saw at the ACT Arts Centre, but there wouldn’t be enough time. Suffice to say that when we are out and about  I am constantly amazing my raisers with my developing maturity and calmness. We keep building my skills and work on duration everyday. I “gave” blood again this month and with an IV in my raiser’s one hand and my lead in the other, we both really understood how important it is that I am rock solid dependable.

I shall “run”…well, go back on my handler’s side and hopefully I’ll have some exciting news for you next month…I should have the results of my GDBart assessment by then.

Submitted By: Sabrina & Leanne Christie