I told you in my last report that I had vacation plans this month, and it was lovely. I went on a forest walk with Mary & Dave every day and we got to ‘meet’ everyone in Kitsilano.

It was nice to change my routine and not to have any expectations. Things were a little out of place in the house when I came home, other PADS dogs had been having sleepovers and used all my belongings! The smells were so interesting!

February had a lot of snow and I enjoyed some fun times at the top of Eagle Mountain once we made our way up there through the mountain biking trails.

I am not sure if this was the fruit of my raisers missing me after being away for two weeks but I was spoilt when I came home. On the first weekend, little 10 weeks old Lucy II came for a sleepover. Lucy’s exotic, she came from Oregon, and it was very nice to have a calm, loving, tiny little one for a weekend. I was a good big brother. I took her to the mall, showed her how to perch to feed the fish, and shared all my toys so that we could play together gently.

On the second weekend, I got a new game – a puzzle for dogs! Have you tried one of those? It’s quite fun and the best is the reward…in one of the boxes, was a piece of frozen banana and in another, peanut butter. It was worth solving the puzzle!

That’s all for me, really. I have been back on the bus a couple of times a week, made sure that my raiser safely left her building during a real fire alarm and one of my new daily routines is backward walking and stretching exercises. My back and rear-end are a little tight so these new physical exercises help with any pain I am experiencing and build core strength.

Submitted by: #teamFranz