Happy Lunar New Year! Or shall I say 农历新年快乐?

Working in Chinatown has its perks and during the New Year, while I was quietly working in the studio, I got a special visit! Yup, the Lion stopped by to wish me good luck and fortune! He actually came into the studio and even though the drumming was loud, the movements calculated and the performance quite long, it was amazing as he was just in front of me! He was so close that I think I can still smell him (and I actually did when I saw him sleeping in the hallway – shhh).

January was full of pleasant surprises for my raisers and me. My good behavior in being able to settle pretty much anywhere these days has meant that I have had many new friends come over to visit and a few of them were so tiny that I had to play the “big brother”. I showed them a few of my tricks (mostly on how to get kibbles) as well as how to play nicely. I welcomed them all with such open arms that two of them stayed for the weekend! We shared my toys, my bed and my weekend adventures such as shopping in the mall, going to the pub and I even took one of them to watch our local hockey team, the Coquitlam Express! They loved it, and so did I.

It’s hard to tell which new friend had the most impact, but little PADS Houston II taught me how to settle next to him even though I still had so much to “tell” him. Napping was kind of his favorite activity when we were in the house so I had no other choice but to comply. And you know me, I did try to wake him up, and I think that I now fully understand the expression “sleeping like a baby” lol!!

The other interesting thing this month was the white stuff falling out of the sky. I know that I am from the Whistler litter but for some reason, I wasn’t such a fan of the snow last year. This year, I appreciated it more, not only because we had a snow day and we all stayed home to enjoy it but also because I got some off-leash time. The only downside to all of this though is the fashion that comes with the harsh weather. A couple of months ago, I got the ugly yellow raincoat, I know that people are impressed cause I look like the Gorton Fisherman but this month I received brand new shiny purple booties, apparently to protect my working feet from the salt but is it the price to pay to be raised by chic & trendy women?

Let just say that I’d like to be consulted next time.

Submitted By: Puppy raisers Sabrina & Leanne Christie